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Medical Ophthalmic Research Investigation

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Medical Ophthalmic Research Investigation
Is a public benefit, non-governmental, non-denominational and non-political foundation (Stichting) working for eye care and blind and partially sighted, visually handicapped people in assistance and help.

Medical Ophthalmic Research Investigation
Emphasizes a self-help through supplies (medicines, medical, Para medical and optical equipments and systems) services and information for a better way of life especially (among others) in the field of eye care as well clinical and investigative ophthalmology and for blind and visually impaired people in addition to social help and improvements by promoting and stating practical opportunities.

Medical Ophthalmic Research Investigation
Is founded to offer ophthalmologic service and eye care assistance to raise the standards of eye welfare system. Collaboration with local and international bodies of same, similar and/or related activities and fields is a fundamental objective. This might be achieved by carrying out join works, research projects, mutual meetings (on different levels) to exchange ideas, experience and improve performance in ophthalmic fields. Diabetes and diabetic retinopathy, N euro-Ophthalmology, Paediatric Ophthalmology and Visual (Optical) rehabilitation are objective activities locally and abroad as needed especially in developing countries and countries in need worldwide.

Medical Ophthalmic Research Investigation
Creates an umbrella for collaboration, contacts, combined projects and work with other associations, organisations and clubs as well as other figures of similar humanitarian goals both national and international.


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About Dr. Hassan


Voorzitter/Chairman: Dr.A.F. Hassan (Ph.D, MD)
Accountant: Dhr. H.J. Kral
Oogheelkundig adviseur/Ophthalmic Advisor: Dhr. A.F. Hensbroek
Medical-Technics adviseur/Medical-Technical Advisor: Dhr. J. Beste

Chamber of Commerce (KvK Groningen) 02070005 ABN-AmRo Telefoon 00-31-50-5259030 Telefax 00-31-50-5277399 E-Mail